How to Change Your Default Language on Gmail

This time Google presents his creation called Gmail that is very efficient for those who work among other things, but this time, I come to tell about the end of the languages ​​that offers Gmail, and you want to be recognized worldwide, so it gives you the ability to change all your account page to the default language you want, if you want to change your default Gmail language just follow these simple steps.

Change Your Default Language on Gmail

First session will start in our Gmail account, and then go on configuration, for loading that page click on where it says “general” to finally give the change of language and comes to our first choice, and that is where we will ” save changes “after selecting the desired option list and complete with all necessary to Change Your Default Language on Gmail.

Change Language on Gmail

This is very simple to do, just follow the small steps I showed you just now so that you have Gmail language that best suits your personal interest.

How to Search by Date in Gmail

If you have an email and often happens that when you want to find a particular message’ve had to make many steps to complete the process, well in Gmail there is a method that lets you find the message you just want to check without having to make many steps, just follow the steps below will explain for Search by Date in Gmail.

Search by Date in Gmail

One of the first steps is to enter your Gmail account from this web address, then there are two ways on how you can find the messages can be before a date (After) or after a date (After ) or also adding a specific date and contact name.

To begin to explain the first method you dirigirás your inbox and in the search bar will write the next word “After” and the date this order YY / MM / DD being this way “after: YY / MM / DD” and the second method is the same way except that instead of after standing” before “writing in this way” before: YY / MM / DD”.

Date in Gmail

And the last way you can write either “after” or “before” but if you want to find messages from a single person, you only have to add the contact name, so end this way, “after: AA / MM / DD from: Name of person or contact “and you click on the search and thus is how you can find a message by date.

Finding a message in a Gmail account is not a problem thanks to the search method that allows you to Gmail without having to develop many steps.

How to Manage Contacts in Gmail

There is a way to better Manage Contacts in Gmail through the “Contact Manager” which basically serves to manage more effectively your Gmail contacts. To begin the first thing you do is to click where “Gmail” says options which are deployed must select “Contacts”.

Manage Contacts in Gmail

A new window will be shown in your contact details so dividing them into frequent contact and all contacts will open. Within the “Contact Manager” you will be able to create a new e-mail contact in an effective way and thus you can start your address book. You can also edit the contact created earlier in case you need to update your personal information, this action is automatically saved.

You can also remove obsolete frequent contacts with whom no conversation to have outstanding contacts in your Gmail account. You can manage your contacts easier by creating groups, so you can perform one action for several contacts.

Contacts in Gmail

Manage your contacts quickly through the “Contact Manager”, follows step by step to this post and learn everything you can do with a single action.

How to Choose a Theme in Gmail

Gmail gives you the ability to add color to your account profile, with varied backgrounds, if you want you can use your own images as background. All right, here I show you how to Choose a Theme in Gmail, Be guided these simple steps account.

Choose a Theme in Gmail

To start entering the official website and sign, also click “Settings” is located in the upper left of the page. On the other hand, a new window appears, click on the link that says “Themes”. Now choose the theme you like, you have many themes available for use now start to finish click on “Save changes”.

Gmail recently added new songs so you can use it in your inbox but not required to use them if you do not like because you can also upload a personal photo to make it more like yours if you like.

How to Change a Gmail Theme

It was simple, start and enjoy all the issues that Gmail gives you, remember that the service has more benefits, besides being useful, are very safe.